Jerry Busch Jr
570 288-2514570 288-2514

5 STAR REVIEW – Such a great guy! He was like a walking Zillow knew everything about every house I wanted to go see. Sent me all the houses he knew i would like, told me which ones I wouldn’t like and why. He was such an honest person when I asked him about something. Set up appointments whenever was a good time for me, never cancelled on me, and always showed up on time. If we did not talk for a few days he would always check in with me and reassure me that there was a house out there waiting. I would recommend him to anyone that was looking to buy a home, he has the patience of a saint that will find your dream home!

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5 STAR REVIEW FROM – Trisha and Josh New Homeowners in Swoyersville. Call or Text Jerry at 570-709-7798. He will be glad to answer any real estate questions.